Bug double page

I read on pc using the double page layout.

Typically when you read using the double page layout and get to the final page, when the total number of pages is uneven (e.g. 3 pages), it will load not only just the very last page but also the one page before that (i.e. the one you have already read) in order to always display 2 pages on one screen.

I have the impression that because the page is loaded twice, it’s also being counted twice. Is this a known bug? I haven’t been experimenting too much because I don’t want to mess up my read count too much.

As a side note, is the team also looking into improving the read statistics for when we switch devices/screens? I often change between mobile/ipad/pc/multiple screens on pc depending on where I am and the reading tracker doesn’t really behave correctly yet to reflect this accurately.


I confirm the double page issue as well.

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Thanks, I’ll look into this.