[Bug] Different order of word meanings

The order of meanings is different when I compare the order in vocabulary with the order in the word input box. The correct one is the order in the vocabulary. It corresponds to the order of my manual entry (all meanings are manually entered by me and are not a part of any public vocabulary and should not be reordered by popularity or anything like that).



I’ll report this to our team and they will check if there’s any issue.

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I can add one more observation regarding this. When I add a note in the input box or change one letter in any meaning the order gets back to the original correct one (right in front of my eyes). But when I go out of the input box and then go back there’s the incorrect order present in the input box again.


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Hi @zoran,
how is it going with this issue? What has the team found?
Thanks, JS

I can see you unified the ordering little bit but there are still more than one ordering.

When I go to vocabulary and open the input box I can see the ordering is the same which is progress.

But when I edit the input box, for example when I click to edit notes like this

and then click outside of the note box somewhere in the input box to save it the order in both sections changes

I prefer the last ordering since it seems deterministic (accroding to creation date). The first ordering, I do not uderstand, it seems indeterministic.


Thanks, we will see how we can improve things further.