[BUG] Deleted lesson on Browser does not update on Android

I deleted an imported lesson on the browser, but it still remains in the course on Android.

I had opened the two episodes of Radar ep. 3. on Android. I then deleted these two lessons on the browser.

When I went back to Android, these two lessons still appeared in the course. Even after I refreshed it and waited a day, even though they were deleted, they remained in the course.

I thought this might be because they are still in the cache. So I uninstalled the LingQ app and reinstalled it and this removed the two lessons from the course.

As you can see, deleting a lesson on the browser does not remove the lesson from Android if it has already been opened (and cached).

This is similar to a bug I reported the other week, where replacing the audio file on the browser does not update the audio file on Android, if it has already been cached.

Thanks, we will look into it.