Bug - can't create LingQs for phrases that occur between 2 lines

For example if there are 2 lines in a paragraph:

“In the area, the lack of trees led to climate
change and the local community is helping”

Now if I wanted to create a LingQ for “climate change” it will put it as one word (climatechange) and I can’t look up a translation or save it. Because you need 2-9 words for a LingQ. I have encountered this error in both Turkish and French so I’m assuming it applies to all languages.

I suggest that this gets looked into, thanks.


Thanks for reporting, we will look into the issue. Can you please post a link to that lesson?

Hi, sorry I didn’t see your message. It seems like it’s fixed now in the new update! At first it wasn’t working across all lessons but now I’ve tested it and it’s fixed.

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Great, glad to hear it!