[Bug] Awarded too many coins

I received 1000 coins seemingly by magic after less than a minute of reading.

I used the web browser version of LingQ (using Chrome for M1 Macs), I changed around the zoom of my browser, and then edited the font style, size and line spacing per my requirements on my double page reader.

I noticed after reading and clicking a few of my LingQ’s that I had reached 20x my daily goal already.

Thought I’d better share this with LingQ devs for investigation. Thanks for bringing us LingQ 5.0, I am really enjoying what you guys have built.

Best wishes,



Can you please share a link to a lesson in which that happened? Thanks!

I don’t recall at this point, but it would have been one of the first 5 mini-stories in Cantonese.

AFAIK this bug has been present since day one. There are many threads on this already:
Is It Possible To Disable The Automatic Word Count System...
I don’t see this having any relation to a particular lesson, you can force the words read count to increase by e.g. resizing the window, going full screen, adjusting the page zoom, the font size, going to sentence mode and back to page view etc…

Thanks, we will look into improving this.