Bug: Auto-Jumping to End of Lesson

Yesterday I opened up a lesson and LingQ was auto-jumping to the last sentence of the lesson. I switched to page view, and it was auto-jumping to the last page of the lesson.

I refreshed the page and re-loaded the lesson, and it was still broken. I clicked the back and forwards buttons, and I think that fixed it, but I remember fiddling with it a lot.

Last night I showed my Canadian-Ukrainian friend LingQ for learning Ukrainian. He was streaming it so I could explain how to use it. While streaming it, he opened up a lesson he had already completed and he started having the same bug. So I got some footage of it happening live.

Since then, I’ve experienced the bug at least 3 or 4 times. Fiddling with it eventually fixes it, but it’s a pretty terrible bug. I don’t know if this is the case, but I assume it is adding all of the words in the lesson to my known words list every time this happens. And counting it as reading.

I have a similar issue when I finish a lesson. The next time I start the same lesson (or any learned/finished lesson) it starts at the end.

Also, If I finish a lesson in sentence mode. If I don’t leave sentence mode, the system continues to start the next lessons in sentence mode.

Another thing I do is if I redo a lesson and it starts in sentence mode- I switch to page view and go to the first page and everything is good.

It would be nice for finished lessons to start at the beginning but it’s not too big of a deal.

Thanks, we will investigate the issue.

Those things sound like mostly expected behavior. Agree that finished lessons should return to the beginning. However, the fact that it retains the last mode you used sounds like a pretty reasonable feature.

The issue being described here is that the lesson will jump to the end even if you attempt to move it to the beginning. It’s perpetually sliding to the end.