[bug] Audio Transcription said to succeed, lesson imported, no lesson to be found

I just imported a new lesson from audio. I saw all the usual success messages including the successfully imported less after seeing the transcribing status message.

However, under the pending lessons tab, a strange message appeared – although eventually a pop up message appeared that the lesson was successfully imported.

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this one looks like a data fetch or cache bug, probably try ctrl+f5

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But it’s platform independent. Can’t find the lesson in the iOS app either.

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Some very strange behavior. When I came back from the latest attempt to import a lesson from my MAC, the lesson was created. I could see the transcript in the page I left while it was creating the lesson. But I must bookmark it. It does not appear in my list of imported lessons.

First of all: I have never seen the web app stay on the page. Second of all, even though I opened the lesson it does not appear in my last opened list. It’s like Lingq does not know that I own this lesson.

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So to sum up the symptoms I’m seeing:

(1) creating a lesson from audio only using the Web app may be working, but Lingq does not seem to know that I own the lesson. Example for Lingq support is this private lesson of mine: https://www.lingq.com/en/learn/ru/web/reader/29435874

(2) The lesson exists, and I only know that because I walked away from the transcribe process and the app kept me on the page so I could then click “View Lesson” to see it.

(3) That lesson nor one I did previously and have no idea what lesson ID that was do not appear in any of my lesson lists of lessons (last opened, imported, etc.).

(4) I did manage to search by title and find the first one: https://www.lingq.com/en/learn/ru/web/reader/29432150 - also private, but developers can get to it I’m sure.

(5) Importing a lesson via the iOS app works as expected and is found in my lists.

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Thanks, we will look into this.