[BUG] Android: number of new words/lingQs/known words not showing in library

In the Android library, you can see in the screenshot below that the number of New Words, lingQs, and Known Words are all 0 and not showing in a number lessons and courses in the library. If you look closer, you can see this is only related to either: imported lessons (from news websites in this case) and courses, which automatically show as the default (but if you click the ‘courses’ tab, it works again).

We are aware of this bug and it will be fixed soon.

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Great. I’m not sure if this was meant to be fixed in the recent update (because the News Feed and a few others are now working fine), but not all. There are still a few shelves, which are still showing courses by default, which aren’t displaying the New Words, etc. in them. Thanks.

Not sure if this was meant to already be fixed, but it’s still an issue.

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