[BUG] Android: Manually import text lesson doesn't work

On Android, it’s not possible to manually import a text lesson. The ‘Import’ button is grey and unclickable.

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Thanks for reporting. We are looking into this, since other user complained about it too earlier.


Hi nfera, please update the Android app to the latest version - v.5.4.23 (398), we have fixed issue there. Thanks for your patience!

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The current lingq spanish android app v 5.4.21 seems to have the bug as well. Please implement the fix here as well.

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Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate you letting me know, because otherwise I wouldn’t have even tried to use it again. Both this and the issue with the course list is fixed now. Thanks for your hard work. :slight_smile:

@Litheon There is another update available. My version is v. 5.4.24 (400)


There are individual lingq apps for learners of Spanish, English, French and German apart from the app for all other lamguages. The Spanish version of the app I use is still at version 5.4.21 .

What’re the differences to the main app?