[Bug?] All My Audio Lessons Have Been Reset to Zero

In all languages, all lessons that I had already started listening and reading (let’s say I was at half lesson), but I didn’t finish yet, had the audio reset to zero. :zipper_mouth_face: From yesterday to today, I have to refind where the audio was for each lesson. All audio was reset!

You need to find a way to fix this or a way/trick/workaround to match again the audio with the text already read.

If I’m already at, let’s say, page 2 or 3, but I have the audio at zero minutes, how can I quickly resync the audio?
Even if I open the karaoke and try to find the right paragraph, sometimes it doesn’t click and doesn’t do anything. But even if I’m able to find the paragraph, click on it, and see the audio, when I exit from the karaoke the audio goes at zero again.

What I do now:

  • I read the beginning of 2 or 3 paragraphs around the text I want to continue
  • I open the karaoke scrolling down and searching for those clues
  • I click on those sentences hoping that will do something and move the audio forward
  • I look at the audio time
  • Exit the karaoke
  • Move the audio bar to the time I read before
  • Continue studying.
  • If it doesn’t work I have to move the audio guessing more or less where it should be.

It takes time to resync each lesson when the audio is at zero. What worries me if this happens to longer or massive longer lessons. I don’t have them yet in my books but imaging scrolling down for pages and pages trying to understand at what minute the audio was.

Could you find a way to regain quickly the audio/text position? Both in the web app (that I’m using now) or mobile?



Thanks, we will see what can be done.

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Can we manually save this maybe?
This is happening today as well!

Now, I’ve just finished this lesson below. Tomorrow it might be again at zero!

You can’t save it manually at the moment, but we will see what we can do to improve things.

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