Browser crash on lingq

when i try to modify the hint to a word, my browser crashes. this did not happen yesterday (26 feb).
i have made no changes in my system, so i am assuming there might be a system change in the website.
i don’t know where i should report this sort of event, so i post it here.
i use windows vista and browse on mozilla firefox

@aharapu - I tried this on Firefox 19, the newest version, but it seemed to work properly for me. Would you be able to let us know which version of Firefox you have?

i also run Firefox 19. The strange thing is that it worked before, and it’s working now. it just didn’t seem to work for a while. can’t say i could see where this anomaly came from. all i can say is that the browser simply closed, no error messages, after making modifications into the hint during a multiple choice test. the browser closed as i was clicking save, as if the save button was the same as the exit application button.

i found the problem. it only happens when i have dictionary software open
would like to find some way around this problem, it is a very useful learning tool that i use in conjunction with lingq

@aharapu - Ah, I see. Unfortunately it sounds like the issue is then with either Firefox or the supplemental software that you are using, so we won’t be able to do anything to fix this. I might recommend reporting the issue to the company that provides the dictionary software, as they may be able to help you further.