Breakingnewsenglish give NOT the permission to share

Unfortunately Breakingnewsenglish gives not the allowance to share content. Steve and I have asked before. Someone shares a item about selling a baby at ebay. I don’t know if he or she has the allowance?

I’ve to bring this back to attention. Someone added again material from Breakingnewsenglish. I’ve asked the provider and he didn’t give permission!
This collection was added:

Thanks, Vera. I’ve now removed these lessons from the Library and informed the content uploader.

The content uploader responded saying the have received permission from an administrator at to upload the contents on LingQ.

In cases like this, it’s best to include a line or two from the content provider in the description of the collection, just so it’s clear to the rest of us! :slight_smile:

So I think he changed his mind in the last 3 years. At this time he wasn’t willing to give permission.

Were you able to restore the lessons Alex?

I think it is always worth trying again. People change.

The lessons were only unshared, not removed from the site. It’s up to the content uploader to share these lessons again.

I agree with you absolutely, Steve. It isn’t uncommon for someone to change their mind after some time passes.