Breaking up Imports into lessons

Hi, I’m newbie to Lingq, and I have one text file which is a transcript of 10 audio files. When I import the one doc, It comes in as a lesson, which I can drill into and find 3 lessons. How would I structure it or what trick would I use to import this as 10 lessons under one main lesson? That way, I can attach each audio file to each separate lesson. TIA

The system will automatically break large imports into multiple lessons on (I think) 4000-word boundaries. If you don’t want it broken into lessons arbitrarily like that, you’ll have to break it up yourself and import it as 10 separate lessons.

Lessons are grouped into courses. You are able to choose the course to which to add a new import, and you have option of creating a new course – there is a “+” next to the pull-down with the list of your current courses. It sounds like you want to manually break the material into 10 separate parts and import each separately into the same course, creating one lesson for each part. You can manually copy and paste the text corresponding to each audio file in the lesson import page and include the audio file that corresponds to it.

I’ve imported little text with associated audio, but I have imported books one chapter at a time like I described. Its nicer when a lesson corresponds to a chapter and vice versa, even though it takes more effort and care to do it.

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Thank you for the fix … I’ll try it. Now I have an associated problem. Apparently my import came in with one or two words joined together improperly. I edited the course and added a space, however the SRS still shows the old way. Is this a bug? I suppose that the work around will be to fix the text in the import file, then remove and reimport, right?

I think a way to solve this should be to go to your vocabulary, there go to the word and edit it.

As I initially stated, I did try that.

Saved LingQs can be edited on the Vocabulary page. You can only edit their translation, add notes, tags etc, but you can’t edit the term.
That means that you will need to remove that incorrect LingQ from the Vocabulary page by clicking on the Ignore/Remove button and import it again in correct format.

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