Brand New Widget, Updated Events Page

We have no plans to add any pronunciation for the words in the near future.

Have you looked at the free text to speech web software ImTranslator: Translate English, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Russian, German It supports English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Russian. Examples are shown how to add Javascript/Iframe to any web page to support text to speech through their TTS engine. I’m certainly impressed by the English speech quality.

Thanks, Bandit. We do keep our tickets and priorities elsewhere. Steve was just asking for suggestions.

Regarding the text to speech, thanks for the tip;we will look into it at some point.

I have spent several very pleasant days now using the new features of the LingQ page. I have to tell you that it is really amazing! In my “other life”, when I am not tutoring on LingQ, I spend a huge amount of time monitoring, using, and supporting other businesses in the use of online software. Your sight has very advanced and really useful interaction. It is absolutely one of the best! The features you have added for the tutors are also extremely helpful in making it possible for us to offer our best to the LingQ learners! Bravo!

Thanks Julie and we are working to make it better and better. Thanks for all you enthusiastic work as a tutor.

By the way, the speed and functionality of the widget have been greatly improved. I recommend that people save many words, review, with Flash Cards, the previously saved word list before starting a new assignment, and then do another review after saving more words. It is now easy to change status to (4) known right in the Flash Card.

We did have a period when everything was slow on the site. That is no longer the case and I do recommend taking full advantage of the improved functionality.

Thanks, Julie! We still have a few more tricks up our sleeve…

While it’s a lot faster to go through the flashcards now (unbelievably fast!), it takes FOREVER to add a LingQ (either in the workdesk or the vocabulary section). Another thing that I find annoying is that when I (for some reason) want to edit a LingQ whilst going through the flashcards, a click on “Show LingQ” takes me to the vocabulary section insted of the previous “quick widget” (which simply enabled me to do whatever I wanted, save the LingQ and return to where I was in the deck of “cards”).


I am surprised to hear that saving LingQs takes longer for you. For me it is the improved speed of creating LingQs that I notice the most. It is much faster for me. I mean for me the experience of creating and editing LingQs has been made an order of magnitude easier, faster and more convenient, even without considering the Flash Cards.

Adding a new LingQ (searching for a New Term) was very slow before and is considerably faster now, for me. And I have 13,000 saved LingQs in Russian!

I wonder if other users find it faster or slower to create LingQs with the new Widget. Please let us know.

Other have commented that they do not like going to the Vocab section to edi a LingQ from Flash Cards. It does not bother me. I even enjoy seeing words that start with the same letters in the Vocabulary alphabetical view. If everything goes fast on the site, it is no inconvenience at least for me. The back arrow in my browser takes me right back to where I was in the Flash Cards.

However, we will be guided bu what most people want. We also have to look at where this fix sits in terms of priority. Here again we welcome comments from our users.

I can (and will) try saving LingQs on another computer tomorrow. As for going back to the flashcards, it works so-so - I got to the first card in the deck and not to the card I edited.

But I can live with that.

I also use to create a lot of lingqs, and for me it is much, much more faster too. I’m really enjoying it!
But I don’t like to leave the flashcards section to edit a flashcard, it’s quite uncomfortable for me. Maybe a matter of taste, but since Steve asked for opinions…
Jeff, when I use the back button, I go to the point I was previously, not to the first flashcard! I use firefox under windows xp.

I think generally adding LingQ’s is faster but… I’ve come across a problem when trying to add LingQ’s to some text - it just shows ‘Creating new LingQ’ and never completes the process (full description in the support forum). This may be the same bug that you (jeff_lindqvist) are seeing.
Have to agree that editing of Flash cards is now not very clean & returning to the first card is not good.
Should also add that overall the new Widget is much better than the old :slight_smile:

each thing has two sides :frowning:

Yes, the new version is faster - yes it’s good to have a possibility for edit - but…

the more I work with the new form all the more I miss the possibility for quickly edit my hint or my example and return to the THIS word.

Hello there! I do love the design of the new widget, but I really appreciate it if you could consider adding the feature to minimize the flahscard area. Thanks! :slight_smile: