BR Portuguese / EU Portuguese

Initially I came to LingQ in order to study BR Portuguese. Now I’m wondering if I can mix BR and EU Portuguese while learning or if I should avoid one of them and focus on the other. Isn’t it a bit like learning two different but related languages simultaneously? I wouldn’t learn e.g. Spanish and Portuguese at the same time. I mean, the differences in pronouncation between EU and BR Portuguese is huge. But the vocubulary is nearly identical. It’s the same language after all. So, on the other hand I can also imagine it might turn out to be beneficial. Any suggestions?

My own experience with English is like this: I was concerned about accents from the begining, but I found it was too confusing to deal with several accents at the same time. Then I stuck with the North American accent, mostly Canadian, I guess. Now that I worked a lot on listening, I can feel more comfortable listening to other “flavours” of English. Even better, I can now immediately recognize when the English spoken is not North-american. I hope one day I’d be able to distinguish among at least the accents of the main English speaking countries.

Yes, I’ve had the same experience while learning English. My biggest weakness is understanding British English, which is very hard for me. But as my English generally improves, I can see my listening comprehension of British English improving, too. Before that, I stuck with the things I could unterstand. However, my concern is more about my own pronounciation abilities. I don’t want to end up speaking a strange language mix.

I am a native English speaker, and sometimes I have a hard time understanding what a British speaker is saying!! Want to try your luck at some crazy accent, try watching the movie “Snatch.” Goodluck with that!

Yeah, I’ve seen Snatch and didn’t understand a word. Yesterday I’ve watched “In Bruges” and was surprised to see that I could follow 90% of the dialogues.

I still have some difficulties understanding British English at times, but I actually speak a mix of British and American English :s

I think you should focus more on one stream of the language so you don’t get confused, but you should also listen to both types because you need to be able to understand them both… Or else if you come to Portugal you won’t understand a thing…

And there are grammatical and vocabulary differences. If you learn them both you’ll be able to understand them both when across them, even if you don’t use both, or use one in a different occasion.

Since I learned the word “odd” in English that I don’t use the word “weird” although this one is more current. But if I come across the word “weird” in text or in a conversation I can understand it automatically.

I think I’ll listen to both types but focus on speaking BR Portuguese. Hopefully it will not cause too much confusion in my brain :wink:

Pedro is right, I myself sometimes have trouble understanding EU Portuguese… if you don’t get used to it, you won’t understand a word, even if you know BR Portuguese very well.

I find it a little more difficult to understand EU Portuguese, however, as long as the text is available on LingQ I am to work with both, learning new words and enjoying the content. I look forward to more content here from both sources and I thank Ana, Pedro and Mairo for their contributions.

" am happy to work with both"

Lol I also enjoy uploading content in Portuguese and contributing, although I haven’t done anything in the last few weeks. And probably I won’t do anything in the near future as I have a new dog and am trying to learn the rules of traffic (I’m going to get my driver’s license, hopefully).