Bought a new eBook reader

As my eBook reader broke down just before Christmas, I decided I needed to buy myself a new one for New Year. I wasn’t sure if the Kindle was really multilingual, so I got a Ukranian one, a PocketBook Pro 603. It’s got a 6" touch screen (you can make handwritten notes but not on PDFs, as far as I can see). It’s got about 25 bilingual and monolingual dictionaries built in, and text to speech in 22 languages. It’s got an mp3 player, web browser and wireless LAN, bluetooth and 3G, so I can do all my LingQing from my book without eyestrain, wherever I am. You can also buy new eBooks, from the eBookstore bookland (not as wide a selection as Amazon, probably, but more multilingual).

My netbook is still the best device for LingQing, it’s just unfortunate that it burns my eyeballs to a crisp after more than about 40 minutes.

Do any other LingQers have plans to get more mobile with their studies in this coming year?

Yep, I am getting an ipod touch so that I can use LingQ anywhere. I also have a kindle, but as far as I know, that’s just for reading books.

I’ve always been mobile with my studies. I use my iPod for flashcards and also podcasts and apps with my target language (Italian/French/Spanish/Japanese for dummies and Busuu being the main ones. There’s also clever fox Spanish French and Italian). I download free foreign language ebooks on my Sony pocket edition. I rarely use my laptop but will go on it for an hour or so to LingQ (iPod not so good with it) or update my log on htlal forum.

@Harry - out of interest, did you choose kindle with free 3G? It’s only £40 extra but it seems worth it.

I have had an iPod touch since Christmas 2009 and will get an e-book reader within three weeks.