Boomers Need to Be More Grateful! - Steve Kaufmann

Should seniors pay more taxes? We are, generally speaking, a bigger burden on the health system. My answer might surprise you…

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Seniors and near seniors are going to be an anchor that sinks many democratic nations. There are not enough workers and not enough newborns in the pipeline to support the growing aging population. Politicians will come along who want to slash retirement benefits and increase the retirement age. But Seniors and near seniors don’t want that and they have the sheer number of votes to ensure elected candidates cater to them despite those actions eventually imploding economies. Also, nationalists who are against immigration can only make matters worse. Immigrant labor is at least pushing economic collapse to the right because their labor is providing critical GDP and cash flow.

This is my opinion:

The only reason the immigrants come is they believe they will get a better quality of life. In the long-term the immigrant population and the population of their mother countries will suffer the same fate. It is best to start working towards a more sustainable demographic outcome from within every society; because, this is a worldwide problem which is already affecting or will affect every nation.

We need AI and more engineering innovations to replace people. We may need new reproductive technologies as-well in the short-term. But we also need to go back to basics and address possible underlying issues that are affecting us as a species. There is little apparent benefit to have children economically; I can just save up a retirement fund then enjoy life until I choose to die. Another issue is our usage of environmentally hazardous chemicals and plastics which harm our physical, mental and reproductive health as-much as they do any other species. Also our attitude towards children and the environment is an obstacle as-well.

But any problem is a problem we’ve created and any solution will bring with it new problems.

There are some hard conversations that need to be had that are unpleasant, not with anyone here on Lingq persay as few here are Sociopaths.
So with all due preparedness, here I am ready to open up a can or rather kick the Hornet’s nest so here we go…
Steve I know you mean well but part of the BIGGEST problem of the Healthcare industry is that its For Profit. This stems from an unspoken mentality that there is a surplus of workers which is absolute NONSENSE, we need to get people cured and get them to work. Even if that job if not a dream job I believe most can have fulfilling ones.
Now if we get RID of Healthcare being focused on for profit you can start to shrink the ABSURDLY high rates. You focus on being proactive, just with diet and exercise, subsidizing courses like Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Martial Arts along with fruits and vegetables. The latter of this would be drastically subsidizing people across the board to grow their own Victory Gardens, even indoors as there are plenty of Hydroponics and other systems they can set up within’ their own apartments. Also there needs to be multi-billion dollar funding among all nations to discover plant based cures from the Rainforrest and others, where a small set of these samples(that will be made sure to NOT be made extinct) will have these compounds synthesized and mass produced, localized as much as possible in each country for readily available access to said population to prevent supply shortages…possibly through a new type of 3D printer working in concert with more affordable equipment. Never forget the cures for Scarlet Fever and Consumption came from Fungi despite how Modern Medicine wants to take credit for all that.
I think consulting Shamans in many of these places and poring through their knowledge then conducting Double-Blind studies without ridiculously obvious co-factors would really help this. Consulting and examining Ayervedic Medicine and PLANT based Chinese Traditional Medicine would be another thing. I forgot to add in case anyone has skepticism there is a possible plant cure for Malaria that has been buried and I even watched a report on it on France 24. This guy was going to get money to study it and it was pulled out.
As for AI it can truly be a GODSEND in distribution systems to make sure as little food has to rot as possible and make it to the food table. It will prove to me what is generally true, decentralization is a wonderful redundancy and safeguard to what can end up being massive waste in transport in the Centralized food system.
As far as putting people out of jobs with AI that doesn’t need to happen if proper labeling is placed on many of the places they want to ram it through like Hollywood and others, with AI Actors, fully AI compositions, art, etc. If that thorough labeling happens we can vote with our cash and say no. There is at least one worthwhile industry that AI can save and help make viable again, hand drawn animation and I’m sure there are others.
As far as AI care goes I will never say yes to a robot nurse and there are grossly insulting implications to people like Steve and others…“You have served your productive work cycles and we can’t waste a person on you, they are too expensive/valuable for other things…unless you’re rich.” We can see what’s in front of us, it’s not too late the cake/pudding hasn’t set and we can say NO.
Past this I have no issues with the richer old people paying a bit more if it’s merited but like I said Healthcare costs can certainly be trimed back and Canada can get rid of that one particular heartless program that has left me in shock and is certainly NOT compassionate in some instances they are using it for.
Addressing what kimojima has said this is a definite problem in Japan which Shogo has addressed and I hope the Japanese open up more to foreigners and realize some of us largely don’t want to change it. I like that the Japanese still use fax machines and other things, that they don’t jump onto the newest thing before the bugs get worked out and a number of others things. I am worried about the Koto playing being lost but I am wanting to learn how to play the Gayageum to preserve that in Korea.
I have more but this is so long. I would end with there are many more things to look forward to if the DeGrowth people(I think we can guess which group is trying to rebrand themselves with this label and they weren’t right during WWII or before and shortly after and they aren’t right now) leave well enough alone and we really set microloans across the board for those who have wonderful innovative measures. I found an item on one place where people figured out a way to capture Microplastics from what you wash. The device was expensive but if mass produced for every washer… Had to leave you on the up and up.

Khorps I hope you don’t mean the artificial womb company. That place will either be shut down or destroyed as no one will accept it.

I wouldn’t accept it but that may be the reality at some point as-long as there is some amount of people who will.

I think it’s anathema to humanity and I imagine many religious people across the board would destroy them, not just fundamentalists. I think a number of principaled Atheists and Agnostics will too. Given the way it operates I can only imagine robots(coined by a Czech writer to refer to human slaves) or Sociopaths to keep humanity in chaos being “born” out of it(never mind the hate that will grow towards women out of them). I would definitely never want any children I have to have children with them.
I am in adament opposition to Transhumanism and think there are non destructive ways to evolve without having chips under the skin or other such ridiculous ways. They do involve more effort to start out but I think they can meet or beat Transhumanists expectations.
edit: I want kids but never, not even in my most desperate moments would I use one of these. I would take being childless rather than have a kid through these.