Bookmarklets for calling additional dictionaries

I have created some bookmarklets for my personal usage to call additional French dictionaries from LingQ that are not on the built-in dictionary list, like example sentence databases, conjugations, French-French dictionaries, etc.

If installed (just drag & drop) you may use the bookmarklets to open the dictionary entry of the current LingQ term.

Try them (and modify them if you like) here:

A more detailed article about these bookmarklets is here (sorry, only in German):

Important: No guarantee this will work - especially in the future - if the LingQ team changes the HTML structure of their webpages) :wink:

Hi hape,

Thanks for creating these useful bookmarklets! They’re very useful and I’m sure members on LingQ will find them helpful. We hope more people take the initiative to create useful resources that work in correlation with LingQ. I hope you don’t mind if we mention your site on our blog and our newsletter next month. :slight_smile:

I just created a new bookmarklet for German learners of French to open (while LingQ-ing a French term) two dictionary windows at once - with one click -: PONS French-German plus Le Conjugueur (to look up verb forms).

You may install it via drag & drop from here: (@ bottom of page - “Two Dictionaries at once …” )

You may read about it and see the javascript source here (sorry, only in German):