Book Recomendation: Talk Like a Native by John Francis Stuart

Talk Like a Native - How to Grow Your Conversational Skills in a Foreign Language- is written in a direct and accessible style for the adult second language learner. The book shows learners how to improve their conversation skills. It explains the physical and mental skills components of conversation which are normally taken for granted but which need to be deliberately targetted to improve spoken fluency. The book also takes the student through the process of setting goals and measuring their own skills development in relation to the key skills components of listening and speaking. Critical factors such as the difference between the listener and speaker roles and how the student can learn to think in a foreign language are discussed. Additionally, the most common psychological and physcial challenges to foreign language development and deployment in real time conversation are examined and ways of coping with them outlined. The book includes chapters on how the student can think in another language, grow conversational range and cope with foreign culture.< L

It sounds a lot like “How to improve your foreign language immediately” by Boris Shekhtman (which I ordered a few weeks ago and haven’t got it yet)

Another one (doesn’t the Shekthman book mention “memory palaces”?)

How to Learn and Memorize French Vocabulary: … Using a Memory Palace Specifically Designed for the French Language

Edit: the same author has a German and Spanish version of the book:

What is a “memory palace”? Is this it?

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“Memory palace.” It’s a memory technique. Wikipedia´s article “The Art of Memory” describes this sort of thing, and there are books available that discuss such memory aids. Just read the wikipedia article or do a web search to get some leads. Your “SampleMemory-Palace” is an example.