Bonus of having no new easy content

I have worked my way through the Swedish Beginners’ content, now I am forced to work with Intermediate 1 material, which is actually not a bad thing to happen.

I wouldn’t say no, though, to some shorter texts at Intermediate level. Has anyone got any plans to upload some? Please?

I have seen some really good “grammar” content in other languages - short texts with sentences based on a grammar concept. This is something I (probably) could put together. Short dialogues require another person (as long as you want it too sound natural). This is something that has been discussed before, but I can’t remember when or with whom.

I don’t know how lessons are graded (it was quite a while since I uploaded something). Is the level set by the provider or the “system”?

Jeff, I think that monologues would be great. Albert, amongst others, has done this kind of thing for Spanish, featuring different tenses in his Puntos de vista stories. You should grade the material as you see fit.

Jeff, if you could do some of those ‘grammar’ patterns, it would be great. Any help is appreciated and focused material doubly so. Many thanks.

Sanne, I recently started listening to, the news read using easy swedish language. I agree the library could do with a bit more contents, but in the absence of it, the news is not bad. Good luck with the studies.

Thank you for the link! I have been neglecting Swedish somewhat but now have a reason to get stuck in. Motivation is a great motivator, so to speak.

This is interesting, but it would be even better if they provided a script too.

I have found a similar programme by the Swedish radio: They also provide a written summary.

Well, the scripts ARE there, it is not assembled together, so you have to copy and paste the different items. You just have to recognise whether the item is swedish news, world news, or sports news, and you will find the texts in the different tabs. Enjoy.
Thanks for your link Mike, but because it is only a summary, I still prefer the 8sidor. But I will have another look in near future.

Well, there are a lot of articles in each of those tabs, so it’s not that easy to find all the scripts…