Body language

There is a concept called “emotional labor.” A lot of people are forced to be smiling anytime at work.

“Emotional labor is a form of emotional regulation wherein workers are expected to display certain emotions as part of their job, and to promote organizational goals. The intended effects of these emotional displays are on other, targeted people, who can be clients, customers, subordinates or co-workers.”(Emotional labor - Wikipedia)

I haven’t yet read the wikepedia entry but must say that the description very much reminds me of my marriage and motherhood years… (I love my family, really.)

Reading SanneT’s comment, I realized that we are all emotional laborers in a sense.

Body language is really important. We say many things using this language. I thinking to body languages can be learn when we in contact to native spokens, and we can to observ they moviments, and to see the differences. So I can to do the same moviments to express ourself.

“Miliband showed himself to be a true child of the television age. Unlike Blair and Brown, who only ever addressed the audience in the conference hall during their speeches, Miliband repeatedly looked into the camera. This was a trick Clegg and Cameron used to their advantage during the leaders’ debates.”
“Body language: Move to leadership is in the eyes by Peter Collett” Body language: Move to leadership is in the eyes | Ed Miliband | The Guardian

I don’t know if the “television age” is good for democracy, but if you want to be a politician, you should have some talent in acting.