Blogging: I've never done it, but I may wish to try

LingQ recommends three different blogging sites: Vox, Wordpress and Blogger. Would anyone who keeps a blog care to indicate which service they prefer to use and explain why?

I’m not sure why, but most of the real computer savvy people I know prefer wordpress.

Yeah, I prefer wordpress too. I think it have more options of plugins and a better layout. But all of these 3 you told have pro’s and con’s.

I do this all the time with my Japanese. I even use a Japanese blogging site too. ( Now I’ve tried other blogs too and I personally like Livejournal. I do my English blogs there except for the most recent entry (Which is in Norwegian and Japanese). I think blogging is a great way to show how much you improved over time. The host for my personal website that I’m using is Wordpress and I like it. I just wish I hadn’t forgotten all the CSS I learned in my web-page design class but in high school.