Blog post not being picked up by LingQ

Happy New Year!

I have a recurrence of a previously resolved problem: my blog post was not picked up by LingQ.

[I checked via a test account, it definitely is not on the Friends’ Blogs page.]

As I did not change any of my Posterous settings, I presume yesterday’s post (31.12.10) got stuck somewhere. Can you help?

Now they picked up your blog posts.

Thank you, Tora3! It seems there’s sometimes a certain inevitable delay - I shall be less impatient in 2011 :slight_smile:

Someone’s New Year resolution:
Lets delay the inevitable as late as possible.

Lets —> Let’s

Glad to see everything’s working properly. :slight_smile: Please let us know if you encounter any errors in the future!

Seems you still need to use Feedburner, otherwise nothing will be published within LingQ…