Blanks for Toggle Bookmark, please!


I have been studying a few recent LingQ podcasts with Steve and Alex and found that there is no blank in the transcript. If you could add blank lines, if would be helpful to use Toggle Bookmark. Toggle Bookmark is very very handy for me as a busy mom who always studies with frequent distraction from children. :wink:

I am sorry to hear about the forest fire and flood in Canada. I have been thinking only about the damages of earthquake and tsunami in Japan these three months but as you said, disasters can occur everywhere on the Earth. I hope Canadian people in the damaged area won’t suffer much and the sooner recovery.

At last, thank you for the fun and interesting podcast. I am always looking forward to your talk!

Hey, I just noticed the new edit icon!
I always love to see Ling’s steady evolution. :slight_smile:

I’ve now fixed the formatting on these two lessons :slight_smile:

It was unfortunate for us as well to hear about the troubles in Canada, Japan and other places in the world.

It’s great to hear that you are enjoying the podcasts. We’ll be sure to continue making them!