Blacklisting certain lingqs from vocabulary review

Is there a way to keep certain LingQs from showing up in the flash cards, cloze, etc.? I have Lingqed all of the prepositions in my target languages in order to help me notice their collocations with other words better, even though I “know” them all already. The problem is, I can’t do any of the vocabulary review exercises without all of these prepositions getting in the way. Is there a way I can keep them as LingQs but remove them from my vocabulary review?

(Maybe in the future you could create a new category of words, “green” words, which are words you already know but want to flag so you can notice them better in different situations, prepositions, being quirky and not behaving according to general rules, are perfect candidates for this.)

How about if you make them status 4, and tag them as prepositions.

When you review your words, exclude all status 4 when reviewing normally and just review your “prepositions” list with your status 4 words. You know what I mean although my explanation is a little muddled.

Status 4 words can be filtered out but will still come back at you in your SRS list. However, if you click on the 4 in the status widget after the terms are already status 4, you will be able to move the review period to “never” which will cause those terms to never get sent back to you in your daily list either.

perfect, I’ll give that a shot. Thanks.

The dotted underline isn’t quite as noticeable as a bright yellow blob behind the prepositions in the lessons, but perhaps I won’t notice them any less.