Bizarre error in imported Japanese lessons (Please fix!)

Just imported a new lesson today and for some reason parentheses, commas, and other punctuation marks are all listed as “unknown words”. Would appreciate it if this could be fixed.

Also the 「」marks in the title changed to other symbols which has never happened before.

Sorry about that! We will get it fixed!

This should be fixed now. Please check again. Thanks for your patience!

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Thank you. I can go through lessons again now but punctuation marks are still being registered as blue words. Will post a pic in new thread.

Can you please try to clear your browser’s cache and try again?

Just tried importing a lesson today and the exact same problem has returned. Not sure what is going on, but would appreciate a permanent fix. It makes the site impossible to use.

So sorry about the issue re-appearing! We are looking into it and we will do our best to solve it for good asap!