It would be a good idea if every tutor wrote on their profile’s bio where they’re from. Because some students prefer tutors with a specific accent.

I got a letter from a new student yesterday. One of the things she asked was if there were tutors in english who spoke chinese. I showed him where she could see the tutor’s bio and see where they are from and which language(s) they are learning.

I saw afterwards that there are tutors that don’t tell where they are from.


Yes, I agree!

And it needs to be spelled out very clearly for learners. I put on my original bio that I lived in the middle of England and thought that was enough to make the point that I spoke “standard” British English. I am English and have never lived anywhere else, you see. Since then I have met so many people in LingQ who have moved country many times in their lives and learned many different local languages, that I realised I needed to make it very clear what my native language is and how I speak it.

At Steve’s suggestion I recorded a collection and put it in the English LingQ library, and a lot of students who signed up to talk with me said they had listened to that collection first to see if they could understand me!

nice the british english accent! I love it

And you’e right you should give out some clues of where your accent is from in case you’ve lived somewhere else and it doesn’t match where you were born. Good idea!

Saying what languages you can speak is also helpful because some beginners feel more comfortable knowing that if they have questions you’ll be able to answer them in a language you both can speak.