Billing Question -

i just upgraded to basic status. but the system charges you $3.00 to charge you $10.00? so its really $13.00

it was wierd. i got three $1.00 charges to my debit card.

and another thing. if i want to go back to the free option before i get billed in Feb. do i need to go back and down grade before i get billed again?

@bhayes30 - In order to set up a recurring payment, you are first charged a $1 test payment to verify the funding source. This amount is refunded right away. If you were charged an extra $3, this means 3 test payments were needed to verify your payment source, for whatever reason. All test payments are refunded immediately so you have only been charged exactly $10.

Yes, you will be charged automatically on the 4th of next month unless you cancel before then. Keep in mind that your membership will change immediately to Free when you downgrade.

I just took a look in the payment system and I saw that 2 of those 3 $1 transactions were pending (neither approved nor voided) for some reason. I have voided them now.

okay thanx. if i don’t want to be charged $10 again. do i down grade before the next payment day? i’m just trying things out for now.

Yes, if you downgrade any time before your next billing date (the 4th of February, in your case) then you will not be charged again.