Billing Issue and subscription decline

Hi Staff and @zoran I appreciate everything you all do for the community. I am trying to sign up for a lifetime membership to my target language of Greek via a giftcard that I received for my birthday but anytime I click pay, it gets declined. The funds are on the card, I confirmed by checking the card and it even shows a temporary authorization (I tried to run it twice as I thought I may have typo’d – apparently, I did not)

. Any help is much appreciated!!!

What type of card is it? Your payment details show that the transaction was declined by the bank that issued the card.

Thanks for the response Zoran! It is a Visa Debit card that was given as a birthday gift that I wanted to use to purchase the lifetime membership! :slight_smile:

Ah, unfortunately debit cards won’t work sorry. You can try to upgrade via PayPal instead and attach that card to your PayPal account, that should work.