Billing cycle: Monthly


I paid for a basic account through Paypal, but it turned out that the payment is made automatically each month.
I turned off the automatic payment on my Paypal profile, but I just disappeared base profile!
With a credit card was debited $10

How do I get a basic account again?

Thank you

Hi smival,

I replied to your email before I saw this. I’ve upgraded your account back to Basic and it will remain there until the 21st of December. Please note that we do not offer month-to-month memberships as it’s a lot more micromanagement and many members don’t want to have to remember to renew every month.

If you’d like to stay at Basic after the 21st then you can upgrade your account when it is set to Free on that day, this so that you’re enjoying the month of membership that you paid for.

Thank u very much, Alex )

I will try to use your service and I hope I’d like to continue training more than a month