Bilingual Learning - or translations in different languages - suggestion

At the moment we have a few articles, translated near by word on word, and I think in the future we will have more.

My suggestion would be to bring the same picture in each language for each translation if that is possible, sometimes it is not. Here I think to Emma’s story “The Boss Is Coming…”

That could help a member to find easier the corresponding content.

Oops! I am sorry I haven’t asked Allison to change the image yet! I will ask her now! Yeah, it must be easier to find the contents with the same images, if they are not familiar of that language yet. Danke! <<< Now I got used to say “Danke.” Repetition is good, huh?

Gutenabend Irene, hi Emma, I have only just noticed this new thread. Would it be all right if I use the images that you both have created for content items with the corresponding translations in the Dutch library?

Yes Nicole, I took the picture from Emma’s story and think, that is the best way for searching.
Have fun with :slight_smile:

Yes, please take them :smiley: