Beware of Machine Translated Novels on Amazon

Excerpt from comments section:
“…there is a “disclaimer” right on the first page of the book saying something like, “This book was translated by a machine. If you don’t like it, read the English version of the book and translate it yourself.” Can you believe it?”

I’m sorry but what is this author thinking? A printed machine translation for a friggin book?? And he expects the readers to translate themselves if they are not happy with the machine translation, when he himself should have done it from scratch. At least hire a native speaker of whatever language to translate the novel, not use an online translator for the most part.

In any case thanks for sharing this article. It makes me sick to my stomach that even a “professional” would only use a machine translator for that book, and then try to talk back to the readers as if those readers shouldn’t have anything to complain about.