Better@English gives me not the permission to share

Unfortunately Better@English gives me not the allowance to share content. I have asked theme for permission. Someone shares items from better@english. I don’t know if he or she has the allowance?

I’m not a specialist in internet laws but in our country it would be very expensive if someone uses material from other persons. About 2000 Dollars and more it mostly starts with. There is no need for a copyright comment that content is under copyright. It is automatically under copyright.

Maybe you have to pay a lot of money if you use material where you didn’t have the permission. It doesn’t depend on your knowledge. You have also to pay money if you don’t know about it.

Also be careful with materials under common creative licenses. There are differences and most licences don’t allow commercial use. LingQ is a borderline case because some parts of LingQ are not free and so LingQ is mostly seen as a commercial side. I warn all members to be careful! I recommend to ask the author in any case in the own interest before items are shared.

But it is allowed to use the material from better@english for your own purpose without sharing it!

I agree with all what Vera wrote.

My son’s company made bad experiences with those rights and have to learn. For this I gave a warning to Steve and Mark longer time ago because they have to pay at first the fine, they are the owner from LingQ.
After that they can try to get back the money from the providers.

I think we all have to be very very careful!
The best what each people can do is to get the permission
and without that I would no one allow to import items in LingQ!

Thanks Vera,

I have rejected these items and have emailed the person who contributed them.

Hi Steve,
there are still items from better@english in the library for example the collection “Real English Conversations: Cultural differences”.

I am interested in some of the background for these copyright laws in Germany and America. Judging by what is on YouTube etc., it seems to me that there must be a due process before it gets to the point of litigation and assessment of fines.

Hi Edward,

this is a very difficult subject.

You can see how difficult it is when you take a look at the German Wikipedia:

I cannot translate and explain the whole subject in English. It is not easy. The Target of the law is to protect the creator of a thing. It doesn’t belong if it is Music, a Picture, a Text or other creative work. In German those things are free if any person who was involved in the creative process is dead for a minimum of 70 years. In other countries there are other limits.

It is not allowed. There are some laws. And there is a saying “Ignorance is no excuse”. Unfortunately there are some lawyers who look for such things and then you will get a friendly letter that let you know that you should stop your activities and that you have to pay a lot of thousand Euros for this letter. And if you don’t do and don’t declare that you stop your activity it would be much more expensive. This letter has a special name. It is “Unterlassungserklärung”, I think it is “formal obligation” in English and how much you have to pay depends on a fictive worth. This fictive worth is always very high. I don’t like these laws but I’m very careful because I know a lot of people who comes in trouble.

These laws also true for youtube but a lot of people don’t take care. But sometimes it could be very expensive.

Sorry, I cannot better explain because it is a difficult subject and my English is not as well as it should be.

I don’t know the copyright laws in America but as far as I know there is also the need for a permission.

I wrote above something about creative common licences. They give sometimes a general permission.

I have decided to remove the four Turgenev poems from the shared list in Russian. I had a difficult time trying to decide if I should share them or not. It is a border line case, but I think that I should remove them just to be safe.
The ЛиТерра" website encourages people to down load the audio and share it. They want them to be used for educational and private use. But they say that commercial is forbidden. I listed them as free of course but in light the recent post I think it would be best to remove them.
I’m sorry if this has caused anyone inconvenience. It is a nice web sight and you can easily down load the audio and text yourself, and use it privately on lingq. Go to:

If someone, who writes well in Russian, would like to write to them and ask permission to use the audio it’s okay with me. But it would probably be better if the poems weren’t on here when and until someone asks.

I’ll ask them (LiTerra) the permission and let you know whether they allow or not.

That would be nice thankyou.