Better speeds?

better speeds?

the whole message was:
maybe I’m lucky today, but I found out the system much faster, mainly in the flashcards section, where I’ve been having a lot o problems.
I thought it would be a good idea to register this fact.

I’m glad you noticed! Actually, I’m about to put up a message to that effect. We have discovered that certain statistics calculations were causing the site to be slow so we have removed them temporarily while we improve them. You will see that you can no longer see your New Words or Priority LingQs in the Store and Workdesk. We hope to have these back by the end of the week.

Oh, I was thinking about posting something on it, but I’ve found answer to my question :slight_smile: I was thinking you had removed the New Words and Priority LingQs statistics from the Store undefinitely… That way I couldn’t know which texts I had already read lol Keep up the good work! :wink: