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Out of all the languages on lingQ I am surprised that Greek was not even added as a beta. I assume this is because Steve so far has never touched the language (that I know of anyway) and because of that lingq then was not open to potential users (who actually help build the lessons).

I think the next big step for lingq is to gather more users to develop all the beta and then proceed to open it abit more. What is the most commonly used beta language? I though it was Dutch but this seems to now be an official lingq language.

I bring this up mostly because it effects me personally. Almost all my target languages are on lingq aside from Greek!

Thanks for reading my non conjuncted paragraphs!

Let’s put a little team of people and get enough Greek content together to fulfill the requirements. Any suggestions for Greek resources?

As gregf says, if you can meet the requirements for content we’ll be happy to add Greek as a language on the site! Requirements are here: New Languages on LingQ

I would suggest looking for content at LibriVox ( for content with text and audio. It looks like they have content in Greek. This is also a good site to look for quite a few other languages that someone might try to get added to the beta languages.

Thanks, certainly will try and build a team! I was under the impression that lingq had stopped adding new beta languages though?

Thanks will check it out :slight_smile:

Here you can find hundreds of Greek books :slight_smile: (they’re all free and available online)

Is this Modern or Ancient Greek we’re talking about? Project Gutenberg has plenty of Ancient Greek, but no audio. Also most students of Ancient Greek are not interested in audio anyway. As for Modern Greek we’d need either a source of free readymade content or native speakers willing to supply new content. I’d love to learn Greek, but can’t help much as it is.

I’m not really sure actually. I just know that PG has a lot of content for various languages so I figured I’d link it and let the Greek team on here sort through it

In the meantime, Dean, there’s this nifty resource for Modern Greek, if that’s the one you want to learn: Learn Greek Online!

That’s right, no more beta - these languages would be added as fully supported languages.

Thanks, will bookmark it :slight_smile:

Ahhh now I see!

Modern :slight_smile:

The most helpful thing would be to get a few Greek speakers who are willing to read some basic texts for us. In particular, it would be nice to have someone translate and read the Who is She text that Steve wrote.

A few months ago there was a native Greek speaker who offered his services for those learning Modern Greek, but unfortunately no one took him up on the offer. It might be worthwhile to get in touch with him to see if he’d like to participate. A group website such as could be used to store texts and audio before we have enough stuff collected.

Finally, perhaps changing the thread title to something like “Adding Greek as a Language” would get more attention from those interested.

I am pretty sure one cannot change thread titles, but you can try starting a new thread about it.

Most are not written in Modern Greek but in καθαρεύουσα (pronounced katharevousa) which seems the Ancient Greek (I mean the language of some philosophers such as Socrates, Sofoklis etc). However katharevousa is not Ancient Greek.
A link to help you is ==> Katharevousa - Wikipedia

In my honest opinion it is one of the best Internet resources for learning the Greek language. However, don’t forget this rule: Greek is not an easy language!
There are many differences with the English grammar, that’s why I do mistakes…

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I would to help you, but in general I am not free. That’s why I am an inactive member here.
Anyway if someone needs some help about unknown words or phrases send me a request on Skype (check my profile).