Best way to use audio with reading?

My Spanish has progressed nicely, particularly because of LingQ, but I’ve decided the next few months have to be allllll about listening more, because it’s definitely my worst skill. So – I want to listen to the audiobook while reading.

Is there any way to do this in LingQ?

If not, what are some good methods of using audio in LingQ? The only things I’ve ever imported are my books.

one option is, you can open another browser for your audio. for example, there are free audiobooks available on youtube or there is Audible, audiobooks streaming website. etc

or there is another option download audiobook on your iphone/phone, etc and listen to it while follow along text on lingQ.

however you can not import long audios there is a restriction so to speak. These two options are your best bet

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Ditto asad100101.

Short audios are OK, though there may still be a problem getting the sentences to break nicely.

Frankly, I’ve given up on using audiobooks with LingQ. Either the audiobooks are unpleasant – looking at you, Bernard Giraudeau, horribly intrusive voice actor on the Harry Potter in French audiobooks – or it’s hard to get the sentences to line up.

I’m happy enough using the LingQ Text-To-Speech to go through books on a Sentence View basis. It’s a computerized voice, but uniform and not unpleasant.

I agree TTS is not ideal, but it beats trying to make audiobooks work. At least in French.