Best way to do lingqs of the day

What is the best way to do lingqs of the day?
Cards, cloze, dictation or multiple choice?

When I can be bothered to do daily lingq flashcards, which is probably once or twice a week, I generally go through them relatively quickly using the simple card interface. The other methods (cloze, dictation, multiple choice) just seem like too much work. One thing I appreciate about the LingQ methodology is the focus on lots and lots of input: I’d rather read texts and listen to more audio then spend too much time with the flashcards.

I don’t do them.

I generally don’t do them. If I feel the need, I tend to stick to the cards. Occasionally I play around with the others. Do what you like best, you are the learner in your brain. It is you who counts and you who has to enjoy the process! :slight_smile: