Best ideas for perfecting language abilities

Interpreting schools offer prospective students important ideas about perfecting language abilities. For example, here are some points offered by MIIS:

Point #1: read extensively.

They forget to say “Join LingQ”. I will write to them and tell them.

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Well said.The way they give examples as how to be a interpreter didn’t include tips for absolute beginners . And they give us advice to live in the country of the language you want to be a interpreter or a translator , as if anyone can do that at a twist of a finger .

Thanks for the link!

If I were writing that I would reword no 4 from “Live in a country where your non-native language is spoken” to “get used to interacting in an environment where your target language is spoken”. I know people who have become successful interpreters without leaving their houses, through the internet (including LingQ).

I don’t like their use of “your non-native language.” I would prefer “your target language.”

It seems their target audience were their students, so I think the students can definitely plan to live in the country where the target language is spoken.

The article did forget to mention LingQ. I sure hope somebody writes to tell them about LingQ.