Best approach to LingQ?

I am trying to find the best approach to learning via LingQ.

For example I am learning French, are the lessons in a particular order?

At the moment I am just running through any lessons that I come across.

Any help appreciated…


I personally am mainly reading books I imported with LingQ. I don’t review any LingQs. I just keep on reading. I should be finishing a 300+ page Spanish book around early October. I’m starting to read this book based on daily reading goals I’ve set for myself. This way, I really will finish the book by early October. I plan to read another Spanish book before the year ends as well.

I also watch Spanish YouTube videos with Spanish subtitles, and I try to listen to Spanish when I’m driving and etc. I’ve recently been going sometimes to a Spanish church, which places me in a real world, all Spanish environment.

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Firstly, LinkQ guarantees you an improvement in the understanding of what you read (and listen). You can hardly expect other results. On the other hand, have in mind that the abilities create your background. Secondly, you need something more than LinkQ in order to learn a language in full. I think about grammar tips (and alternatively exercises) and long-term exposition on the target language through listening. For instance, I like to cooperate with “Practice Makes Perfect” (accordingly French and German grammar). Thanks to extensive reading on LinkQ you don’t have to push yourself so hard to understand certain grammar rule because you’ve seen it before in practice. In my case, it is necessary to activate passive grammar knowledge in this way.