Benny's confesion

Has anyone seen Benny the Irish Polyglots confession?

admitting that basically everything he did was lies. Interesting read

apparently it is all his April Fool joke but who knows maybe it is a true confession :stuck_out_tongue:

Obviously it’s a pathetic way to atract more people to his site.

So basically nothing different then :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s a pretty funny joke myself.

@OscarP Because obviously, no one should do anything to attract people to their website.

Bitly link

I am not about to make an April fools confession to match Benny’s.


I don’t think Oscar suggested people should not try to attract people to their site. He just wasn’t impressed with this effort of Benny’s.

By the way, I checked out Benny’s blog and here is a bit of the some of the most recent exchanges on this subject.

I’m constantly refreshing Steve Kaufmann’s blog to see if you fooled him as well.
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Benny the Irish polyglot [Moderator] 21 hours ago in reply to Bill

Whenever he went off on his rants about me he very consistently showed that he never fully read a single post on my blog, so he likely would have jumped to conclusions very quickly.
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JamesAE 18 hours ago in reply to Bill

They don’t seem too happy with this here:

Login - LingQ
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Bill 17 hours ago in reply to JamesAE
Basato sul link che hai postato sembra che stavi imparando l’italiano sul lingq. Com’è andato?

JamesAE 10 hours ago in reply to Bill
Sorry for writing in English but I only know a little bit of Italian. For a complete review of LingQ, see benny’s review, I’m not too good at explaining. For me it’s okay, but really only for reading or listening.

Benny the Irish polyglot [Moderator] 11 hours ago in reply to JamesAE
Yes, I’m not surprised that some people on that site have no sense of humour :)"

I must confess that I find Benny extremely annoying. The fact that I am blocked from commenting on his blog, and his insistence that my criticism of him can only be the result of not having read his blog, indicate how sensitive he is about his self-image and how intolerant he is of any criticism. Yet he has a large following of enthusiasts, so I must just be out of touch with the masses.

Let me say that I will believe a confession from Benny when it looks like this.

Benny’s Confession:

I am Benny, a good language learner. I am good at languages mostly because I like learning them. I can speak a number of Romance languages, and I learned them the hard way, by studying and living in the country. Ditto with German. I have a noticeable accent in all the foreign languages that I speak and do not sound like a native in any of them, not now, and not at any time in the past.

I have not achieved fluency from scratch in three months in any language. My “language hacks” are absolute common place things that are widely known and practiced, but putting them in one book is, I think, helpful and hopefully motivating to people. I am a great promoter. I promote myself, my book, and at the same time I promote language learning, so I believe that I am at worst harmless, and at best of benefit to many aspiring polyglots.

Yours sincerely,


Now that really is a great sense of humor! You really are very funny Steve and I am still laughing as I type this. ;-D

Steve, you possibly missed this one:

“Lately, I haven’t even really been bothering to pretend to be teaching language learning anymore. Instead, I just post a bunch of populist motivational tips - or - I just post updates of my travels around the world supported by the people that thought that paying me for second hand “language hacks” was a good idea.”

It’s curious how much sense of humor Benny always has…as long as there is not even a bit of criticism about his method.

Benny, the clown, writes on top of his blog: “60,000 readers per month”.

At the same time he seems to be now very, very thin-skinned with respect to “nasty, mean, irrelevant, generic, spammy, …” comments.

He writes at the bottom of all posts:
"… Just keep in mind that I’ll delete any comments that:

  1. Are unnecessarily nasty and mean to me or any other commenter or otherwise totally inappropriate.
  2. Are irrelevant to the particular post they follow, or leave a link to a site that is totally irrelevant. If you have a general question about the website or my lifestyle you are better e-mailing me or Skyping/telephoning me Only leave relevant links; your own site can be clicked through your name.
  3. Are clearly a generic comment copied and pasted to all websites
  4. Use a commenter name of a business or brand instead of a human being
  5. Use a spammy temporary disposable e-mail service, or a clearly fake address.
    But that’s not you, so don’t worry! …"

That’s me also!
I seem to be blocked also as a commenter, but that’s very fine for me :wink:

Bye bye, Benny, now 59,999 readers per month…

Steve and Benny, on a personal basis, you can dislike eachother all you want, but when any such feelings seep through the forums or comments of your own respective sites, I doubt it does either of you any good.

Whether or not it’s justified, I’m not sure, but since you both run business endeavours, I’m always reminded that anything you might say may be motivated by ulterior motives, be that deliberate or not. I recognize that you both also have the ability to acknowledge eachother’s strong points, but when I read such exchanges, I can’t help be reminded to take your comments in context. I think happy competitors make for happy customers.

Alexandrec, don’t put Steve at the same level of Benny, because it’s simply not true.
LingQ is offering a serious method, which you may not agree, of course.
Benny is not offering anything serious. To me it’s more about being a showman, giving non-proven tips, and sometimes clearly lying (for example, he says he has 60000 readers per month in his main page, however in a post he says he has 60000 hits per month, which obviously it’s not the same).


The point is:
Benny’s “business” is built upon the claim “Fluent in 3 months” without any proof. If you read his blog in depth, you will find that he has failed in quite a lot of his missions to become “fluent” (Thailand, Germany, Hungary). He also seems to have his own strange definition of being “fluent” in a language.

Steve’s business is built upon no such unrealistic claims.

You seem to read Benny’s blog very accurately! :wink:

Hape, I knew Benny from his conversation with Steve and his posts at LingQ. I am not one of his “60000 readers”.
(although I must confess I read his “confession” in his website).

An April Fool’s joke on Benny’s website is like an Easter Egg hunt in a chicken-house.

Alexandre, one of the advantages I have at my age is that I can express my honest opinion without worrying about whether “it does it me much good”, as you put it.

It is for people who follow this forum to form their own opinions of what is said. I would hope they do this based on what is said, not on what they imagine the motives of others to be.

My opinion of Benny should be clear. A good linguist, a good promoter, given to extravagant claims and hype that are often not substantiated, very sensitive to anyone who points out some of his exaggerations or untrue statements, and very aggressive and even rude in defending his position.

If you think that I consider him a competitor that is your opinion, but I can assure you that this is not how I see him. I have no trouble with a number of other polyglots on the web, nor with other language systems. I only have trouble with people who are rude or make false claims.

I will continue to say what I believe. That means expressing my lack of interest in such linguistic constructs as “pitch” in Japanese, which I have never found useful in the learning of Japanese or Japanese pronunciation, for example. I doubt if many Japanese speakers have heard of it.