Beniko Mason: why LingQ works

To understand the reasons why studying at LingQ is effective, have a look at these articles on the power of reading and listening to interesting content rather than grammar study.

I do not agree with everything she says. I think that a certain amount of speaking and writing helps us to identity gaps and makes us more attentive when we listen and read. The same is true for vocabulary study and the occasional grammar review. It is just that we should not spend too much time on it. Most of the time should be on listening and reading…and LingQing!! I believe that the yellow highlighted words that we are trying to learn is an excellent visual clue for the brain.

Very interesting, Steve. Thanks for sharing that link. I also agree that there we do need at least a small amount of speaking and writing. Personal expression in the language you are learning helps a lot (well that’s what I’m finding anyway). Learning vocabulary in context is so important, but then also being able to make the link between what you’ve learned and the immediate world around you is vital. I find it extremely difficult to learn vocabulary if I cannot relate to it, which is where Lingq comes in. I read content that interests me, and I succeed.