Benefits of upgrading the account includes more lessons too?

hi guys,

i am currently using a free account but i am thinking to upgrade.

my question is once i will have upgraded, will i be able to see many more lessons? or the difference of the amount of lessons is insignificant?

ps. i am studyng chinese.

Thanks in advance

You will not be able to see any more lessons than you can already see. The free account has access to all the lessons.

You would however, be able to…

  1. create as many LingQ’s (words in yellow) that you like (unlimited)
  2. import as many lessons as you like (unlimited)
  3. get a discount on purchasing points which are used to speak to tutors and/or have your writing corrected

Honestly, when one figures out how to use the system, (creating LingQ’s and importing material of interest) I see no reason not to upgrade other than not being able to afford it.

In my opinion, the power of the system to help you learn your target language is unleashed when you upgrade.

Buona fortuna