Being billed twice

On 17th December, I bought an annual subscription for LingQ. I can see that I am still being billed for my monthly subscription. Please can you cancel my monthly subscription, and refund what I have paid since 17th December?

Do you mean that you paid the full annual price on the 17th of December, but are now also paying monthly? If so, are you certain that is the case? The only transactions we have on record for you are monthly payments starting in October.

Yes, in fact I can also see a record of £98.99 from my bank to google on that date too.

We refunded the last payment and will make sure that we stop future payments. Thanks for reporting this to us.

Thanks for your swift action. Appreciated.

Hey I’ve just logged on again and I no longer have premium access since the monthly subscription was

Sorry about that, you are back to Premium now.