Being an english teacher in Turkey

ı am an englısh teacher ın Turkey and ı am bored of teachıng grammar.wıth grammar,my students dont learn englısh.But ı also learned wıth grammar.but as you see ı am here.I am really lack of vocabulary and practıse.Because after graduation,I didnt use englısh ın my daıly lıfe.At school,I cant talk englısh everytıme because my students are unwillingliy.Can you help me?Can you gıve me new strategies to teach english?

Which grade are you teaching? How many students are in your classes?

This is a big topic to address, but you might want to start by considering an extensive reading/listening program in your classes.

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ı am ın vacatıonal health hıgh school.there are 30 students ın each classroom.I really focus on lıstenıng and reagınd and wrıtıng but they got used to learn grammar as everyone ın Turkey,so when we lısten a song for example or when we read somethıng they think that we dont learn anything and they dont give attention…


Why don’t you try asking your question on some teaching forums? is a popular site. The teachers there will have had a lot of experiences like yours. They can give you some ideas and support.

Everyone needs a reason to learn a language. What do you think motivates your students? How do they spend their time? What are they interested in? What are they learning in other lessons? Which English lessons with them were better, and why?

Maybe your students just want to pass exams and take tests in English grammar. This makes them feel they have learned and achieved something. If that’s true, you can’t ignore it. You need to start from there. Try to find a balance between what they want and what you would like to show them. When they have confidence in you then you will be able to do more.

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