Beginners (German) content

I’ve started a new story, episode 1 is here

Anfängerdeutsch - Aber natürlich! - LingQ Language Library

I do hope you like it. As usual, I have put a word-for-word translation into the Resources tab. This way you can really see how the German sentence structure works (or not) in English.

@SanneT: The audio seems to be missing. And “Oma” (in the title translation) should be translated to “Granny” or something. I ask myself: Why Granny doesn’t answer Uwe’s question “What’s up?” …

I’ve just re-uploaded the audio, although it worked fine with me. Please let me know if you continue to have trouble with it.

Thank you for spotting ‘Oma’. As to her not answering the question, grandmothers are allowed to do that!

The dialog audio works fine (it was my fault: I’ve installed Firefox 4 (beta), and this “great” piece of software won’t play Flash stuff, even a new install did not work, after returning to Firefox 3 everything went OK).

Maybe we hear in episode 2 why “Oma” won’t tell…?

Thanks so much, SanneT. I think it is important in these simple beginner’s lessons to provide some sense of continuity - something that makes the reader want to continue to see what will happen. I like the way you are doing that.

Thank you. I am glad it is looking useful. I’ll just need to bribe my little granddaughter to let me write a bit more…