Beginner stage listening

Hi everyone,
I’m just starting Greek and I was wandering how you guys going about listening in the begging stage. I’m using the Who is She story and the mini storys, but I cant understand anything unless I am reading the text while listening.
So my question to you is: if the listening is incomprehensible in this point, should I still be listing to it? Or try to listen only to phrases long recording?

What I might advise is spending a certain amount of time on just imput of words just going through as many words as possible and overtime you will turn these words into known.

and once you have completed a lesson save that lesson into your audio/playlists and once you have completed lets just say 1 hour of reading per day I would then just listen and read for 30-45 everyday with the lessons you have completed I am going to try and give this when I start learning French.

I would suggest you first make sure you know the alphabet and what sound each character makes. For instance, Greek vowels only make one sound (unlike English) and each sound is short. Once you are sure you know the basic sounds, and the combination sounds like ‘tz’, then you can try listening to individual words like jonesjack recommends. When you feel comfortable in recognizing individual words, then try longer sentences and build up from there. You may not understand anything at first, but the more you listen, the easier it gets when you try to identify individual words that you have learned. I’m doing this with Chinese. I don’t understand anything at first in a new dialogue but after repeatedly listening to them, begin to pick out words that I already know from previous lessons. Hope this helps.

Listening without reading is a long, long, LONG, way off. So, no worries.

to me, I think the biggest benefit to listening at the early stages is learning how the words are pronounced (which helps them stick) and just to get the ear used to associating the words you see with the sounds they represent. For both you need the transcript.

Good luck!


“I would suggest you first make sure you know the alphabet and what sound each character makes.”

That’s my business right now with Russian. I think It’ll take me this whole week,before I can move to something else.

For languages with non-latin script you can take one step backwards and listen to some even easier material,
in this case for example the με το Νίκο series:

Good luck and have fun, Greek is such an amazing language to learn :slight_smile:

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