Beginner New To Lingq Japanese and Japanese Particles

Hello Everyone,

Im new here on Lingq and to Japanese. After using Lingq to learn Japanese for some time, I actually getting a little better with just reading.

However when it comes to reading the particles I will often get confused and will take some time to piece everything in the sentence. However, I noticed if ignore them for now, I actually can understand the sentence better.

Its weird and I kinda have FOMO about it


Not a bad way of looking at it.

I notice you say, “when reading the particles.”

The particles just kind are in the background.

Perhaps rather than thinking about “reading” the particles, you just “notice” or “take note of” them.

What they do will make more and more sense but you may not have huge ah-has about them because their nature is so structural and role is so supportive and connective.

They’re like the lead strips of a stained glass window that hold it all together.

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