Beginner contents

Hello, there.
I started learning German yesterday. I am interested in the German life, and I asked myself the reason not to try to study German. I learned “und” and “jetzt” today from the very beginner contents that Irene made. There is no way I can post in German here, so please excuse my English. Well, my question is here. Since I don’t understand anything in German, I don’t know which contents I should choose for my next study. I tried to look for “The Power of the Linguist,” but I could not find them at the store. I was going to learn "
Anfanger ohne Vorkenntnisse, Der Buchstabe A - a," but it was too much to me for now. So I would appreciate it if you tell me the best contents I should learn. I want to learn something like “Hi” and “My name is…” Thank you very much.


Irene has created the beginner content and I think it is very good. I understand that you would like to begin with “My name is” etc. It may be a good idea to allow people to begin with the content that they want. Perhaps you could write a short dialogue in English of what you would like to see in German.

However, as I look at what Irene has done, I think it is very good. Perhaps it would be better if there were some really short items, like 30 seconds long. Nevertheless if you have the patience to use what is there. To listen at least five times or so, saving words. Gradually the language, which at first just sounds like a lot of noise to you, will become clearer.

You may want to buy a simple German learning book just to help you get started. Thereafter I think you will find the content we have really good. Remember, at first you just need to let your brain get used to the language. You do not need to say anything. In fact it is better if you do not.

Meanwhile I think you should start with

Anfänger ohne Vorkenntnisse, 1. Beginner - Willkommen hier!

Just do the first 5 sentences. Then do the first 10. Do this while looking at the text.

Irene is away right now, but we should try to cut these beginner texts into shorter items with short sound files for download.

Maybe another German speaking learner is willing to help here.

We also want to get The Power of the Linguist translated and recorded in German. Any volunteers out there?

Emma, if you get stuck on something, post it here and I’ll be happy to help out.

Thank you, Steve. Thank you, Chris.

“Anfanger ohne Vorkenntnisse, 1. Beginner - Willkommen hier!” seems to be very good. I thought I had to learn everything, but like Steve said, All I need was to study on it little by little. I studied the first two sentences today. I feel so funny listening to German. It is so different from English. Since dictionary doesn’t give me good translation in Japanese, I decided to learn German in English. I think it is easier to learn it in Japanese. Ohh, I hope I can post some questions about German grammar or something here someday.

Hallo Emma,
ich bin wieder hier und ich habe deinen Beitrag gelesen.

Es ist gut, wenn du mir sagst, was du haben möchtest.
Ich werde in den nächsten Tagen einige kurze Stücke machen.

Schreibe bitte immer wieder, was du haben möchtest.
Ich helfe gerne, wenn es möglich ist.


ich habe den ersten Beitrag für dich gemacht.
Du findest diesen Beitrag unter “01 Mein Name ist…”

I created the first part for you and you can find it named “01 Mein Name ist…” - look at the picture with the two bears :slight_smile:
I will bring more and more and perhaps you can ask me here what is most important or interesting for you to read and listen to.

Danke sehr, Irene. Ich bin sehr froh. Ich versuchen Deutsch zu lernen mehr.

It took 30 mins to write this sentence… Phew. It was fun though. Thank you again, Irene. The one you made today was very useful, and it was fun to study. Since I tried to write this comment in German, I now want to know how to express my emotions: happy, sorry, and so on. I would enjoy very much on learning them. But for now, I am stuck with “Mein Name ist…” I need some more time to study on it. So, don’t be in hurry. Thank you very much.