Beg Russian : Please remove English text from within lessons

I have just looked at one of Evgueny’s Russian lesson which showed a certain numbers of unknown words. Unfortunately, most of them are English rather than Russian. Please put the English explanations into the resource section. Thank you!

A very good point, Sanne, for all content providers. It is best to ask the provider to remove these on their wall.

I don’t understand both of you!..
It’s the content for beginners and I translated some of the more difficult words from Russian into English to facilitate for beginners to understand the content.
What is the problem???

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I agree with you, evgueny40. It’s very handy/helpful for absolute beginners.
The lessons have been given 5 stars by learners.
There also exists the Ignore button that one can press.

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Когда вы создаете урок, внизу есть выпадающий список “Выберите Ресурс”. Там можно выбрать “Заметки урока” и написать любые комментарии.

It isn’t the real comments, maybe I called it a bit clumsy- it is a translation of some words for fasilitate the efforts of the beginners.
It can’t disturb anybody!!!
If Sanny you worried about the mark ‘unknow words’ you can just ignore them(these words)!
I created the collection before a new version of LingQ and I haven’t had then this choice - “выберите ресурс”!
I’ve spent a lot of additiobnal time to make the translation of the difficult words and I’m guilty for it!!!
What is the devil logic!

@evgueny40 - “It’s the content for beginners and I translated some of the more difficult words from Russian into English to facilitate for beginners to understand the content.”

If I were studying Russian, I would find the English translations helpful, though not essential. However, they won’t help and might confuse LingQ members who don’t understand English.

My opinion.

Я согласен с тем, что стоит держать текст урока чистым от иностранных слов - для пояснений, как указал a5m, есть специальная технологическая возможность. Смысла давать перевод для отдельных слов, когда участник всё равно создаст с ними лингки, я вообще не вижу.

I created the collection before a new version of LingQ

Ресурсы были и в прежних версиях.

What is the devil logic!

Лишь базовая логика сайта, которая обеспечивает его работу. Сторонники двуязычных учебников просто пользуются ими.

you can just ignore them

Вот на это, увы, в таких случаях уходит довольно много времени… Лучше с самого начала укладывать урок в логику сайта.

@evgueny40 I am not attacking the quality of your content! Before the resource for notes/translation was available I also provided English, or German, in my texts. I hope that I have cleaned up all my lessons since then. After all, It has been possible for quite a long time to do so.

The main irritation stems from the number of New Words shown in the library. I was looking forward to a text for Beg I with 16 new words - it turned out that there were perhaps 4 new words at most, the rest was in English. I see that as a waste of time, not just for me.

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere:
we need a button to remove any remaining words in a click to ignore …
So far I have taken the trouble to be ignored by one, but this is very time consuming, especially in the slow tempo, the LingQ has currently.

So far my stats corresponded to reality, but maybe I will in the future, simply press the “I know all” button.
But I do not want to decorate with borrowed plumes. statistics loses all validity.


@jolanda Why not just let them stay blue?

I offer translations too for absolute beginners, but I put them not in the text. You can add additional informations to the lessons. You’ll find that at the bottom of the import page. You can add translations, notes, videos etc. as additional ressources. Members can notice them because they show up with a red number indicating that there are additional learner ressources for the lesson available.

Evgueny, please have a look at my beginner course “Ab jetzt lerne ich Deutsch! German now!”. The first 40 or 50 lessons offer a translation.

I am still irritated from all these remarks!
My first lesson of the set “FIRST STEPS” have read 190 learners. 189 were satisfied to have several word into English, that understand most of the learners, and only clever Sanne wasn’t satisfied.
My 30-year experience as a teacher tell me that such translation of several words are very useful for full beginners (not the whole translation like by some lessons of ‘Who is she?’ and first lessons for beginners by Vera!); and that is better than such a translation isn’t hidden, but visible and therefore easy to remember.
However, if the most of members in LingQ would like me to remove the translations (it was only 3-5 words in every lesson!), I gradually remove them though it could be worse for beginners. If sometimes is poissible to change for Russian explanation, I change the translations, but for full beginners it’s unreal! Otherwise I have to give the explanation for explonation.
I perhaps won’t use the additional resourse for the translation encapsulation because with my bad knowledge of the computer it would be an overwhelming task for me!
But francly spoken after such reproaches I have no strong wish to donate my lessons to the library.

I do not like the blue color in my lessons.
The blue color suggests to me that I have a lot of unfamiliar words.
This has a bad effect psychologically.

Not only for me but also for other students.

And BDW the automatic reading counting ,works only when you have LingQed all words.

So again the statistic says nothing in reality!


Blue is not my favorite color.
When I’m learning .


One issue with the translations resources is that they only show up if they are the same as your native or interface language. If I understand English and my native language and interface language is not English, I won’t even see an indicator that a translation or note in English is available.

I think the English notes are visible for all.
My interface language is German.

@evgueny40 - Thanks for your contribution of these lessons. It’s clear that many users have enjoyed them and benefited from them. Since we do now have a place to put translations and extra resources, it’s better that the additional resources go there. Imyirtseshem has offered to fix up the lessons (thanks, Imyirtseshem!) so you don’t have to worry about editing them all. To add resources (translations, notes, etc.) for any future lessons, you can follow the steps that a5m posted above.

@keke_eo - English resources are set to display for all users, regardless of the user’s interface and native language.


I would never attack your Russian lessons!
I only would like the ignore button. (for Arabic and text in other languages ​​with lots of name.)

Learning Russian is until later.

Evgueny, I certainly do not want to upset you. Like Imyirtseshem, I’d be happy to transfer any English to the Notes or Translation sections for you. LingQ does offer ‘pure’ input and any additional language explanation within the text distorts this. I know it can be irritating to have one’s babies under threat (which they aren’t).

You are a very active and valued member of this community and your many contributions are also valued. I apologise for any heartache I may have caused you.