Becoming rich after 40 years of age

Here is the translation of an humorous email I received:


Ah! The wealth of forty-year-olds!!!
I had never thought that starting from 40 YEARS of age we could have such a great richness: Silver in the hair. Gold in the teeth. Stones in the kidneys. Sugar in the blood. Lead in the feet. Iron in the articulations…and and endless source of Natural Gases…"

Molto divertente, il email. Mi ha fatto ridere un po’. In italiano si usa “email” o “posto elettronico”?

Il termine “articulation” e’ il termine molto tecnico. Di solito, la gente laico si usa “joint”, come “I have arthritis in my joints”.

@ odierno

si può usare sia “posta elettronica” che “email”

I used “articulations” to remark the medical sense of the word. “Joints” is more common, of course

The author of this joke is certainly much younger 40. If she or he is lucky, she will soon be reach too.

I mean she or he will soon reach the rich age.

I think it depends on the person. My Mom certainly did not have silver hair at age forty or even fifty. She doesn’t have sugar in the blood, kidney stones and doesn’t smell bad. My aunt is in her sixties. She is blond and also doesn’t have the problems you described except she told me that she can’t move as quickly as she used to. She looks “forty”, btw.

I think what you are describing is an overweight person in their forties with dental problems, diabetes that is poorly controlled, arthritis (which can strike people in their twenties as well), and I won’t comment on the food.

This seems like the kind of e-mail my great-uncle would receive in the mail…

Is your Mom married? (Just joking, I am, married that is)

People say that forty is the new twenty because of all the health information available. I did hear a forty year old nurse complain recently that he was “old”. Old is as old does. He had kids age 23 and 20 (not kidding) and they were teasing him about turning forty.

Guys, it’s just a joke, nothing to take seriously or to debate upon, just have a laugh, or if you find it offensive ignore it!

Your wife looked like a nice-looking lady in the pictures you shared from Portugal, Steve. Unless that wasn’t your wife…

I tell my mom not to marry again until the man is very, very old and very, very rich.

Haha, Adalbertolito.
I am joking with you too!

Teasing you, rather. Btw, you write remarkably well in English. I noticed that a long time ago.


We have been happily married for over 40 years so I have been out of the dating game for a while.

I was in an over 60 hockey tournament over the long weekend. In the dressing room one of the guys said, "I hear old so and so, whose wife passed away, is thinking of getting married. " This was met with a general groan and then one guy said, “Why doesn’t he just find some woman he does not like and buy her a house.” Laughter.

wow what an unwanted richness./unavoidable richness for the most.

wow what an unwanted richness./unavoidable richness for the most.